Dorian Music Art


Customers can choose from a great varieties of instruments, from horns, strings, percussions, keyboard to differentstyles of vocalists. Customers can also choose the type of music to be performed, includes classical, jazz, latin, pop music and many more.

dorian music

About Dorian

    We are a top musican agency based in Taiwan, specialized in live music gig booking. Our performers are all very experienced, many of them grduated from top music Universities from all over the world, and have performed at all types of major music events, from Jazz festival, Latin music festival, to session playing with famous singers, and also CD recordings.

Performance Preparation

◎Performance preparation
◎Musical instrument
◎Music style

dorian music

Orchestra Music Performance

1.Wedding orchestra. 2.Wedding music performance.
3.Cocktail party, PR event performance. 4.Live concert
5.Christmas Orchestra. 6.jazz band.